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There is a little variety here especially in theme dollz.

I love dollz, pixels, surreal, lineless, blinkies, badges, stamps, fashion, concepts, small tales, creepypastas.

I mainly specialize in tiny things in visual art. I like them tiny. (This means under 300px)
Less is more.

I am contemplating sharing more.
I have a lot more unposted. Enjoy it!
If you know me well, you'll find it. (;

Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeRequests - On Hold by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - On Hold by SweetDuke

(Until I get finished of some of the load I have to get done right away, I am all on hold. I thank you for understanding.)

Read Comments by LumiResourcesNo fighting allowed by Metadream

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Homestuck Stamp by Demon-DolphinMonster high - Stamp by MaqqiSouth Park by sequelle
:icontransparentplz:Every Single Pokeball Stamp by quazoNeopets Stamp by IrenePegasus:icontransparentplz:

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No Drama Stamp 3 by StampsbyJen




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If you would ever like a trade, doll, icon or stamp and such you can let me know, but as always, I'll do stamps for free.
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Z (Zima) Clark
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:pixel commission by solarsign:icontransparentplz:

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥
▓░▒▓░▒▓░Land of Contrast and Hysteria ▓░▒▓░▒▓░
♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠

:icontransparentplz:Switzerland Stamp by l8Poland stamp by deviantStampsWe by DusterAmaranth
:icontransparentplz:Accepting Pagan by Necromancer-StaffBlessed Be by RavenWillowHawk by wiccan-clubI Practice Shamanism by phoenixtsukino
:icontransparentplz:Volunteer by LadyQuintessencenot ashamed 4 by CheyenneRalphsPhotosDerse Dreamer by SkaianAngel
:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Electric Z by lollirotfestZ by Passion91
:icontransparentplz:Zodiac Avatar: Virgo by FantasyStockAvatarsSun Sign VIRGO v2 by DarkCougar55SMoon Sign Aquarius v4 by DarkCougar55S
:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Knight of Hope by SkaianAngel
:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:...++ I'm a person by dimruthien...
:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Rose for mondgluhenviolette by Lyricanna:icontransparentplz:

I have tried time and time and time to make this far less perplexing but I do not believe I can, aha. I'm awful at what I'm about to do and fill this in about me.
It's also the far friendlier version than my norm, oh hai:la:
:icontransparentplz::thumb204439237:Feel Free stamp by rawr-xx-chan
Anyone out there???

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:And bitches should know. . . by lollirotfestlove or hate by princess-femi-stamps
Terezi Pkmn Trainer by MikkkisEridan PkmnTrainer by Mikkkis :thumb415956339: :thumb415956339: :thumb415956339: :thumb415956339:
    (____)       _||_   _||_
  (______)   (____)____)
(________)______)____) _
___ ||___(________)____)_)
|—-|——- _______)____)_)
|][][]|_____ -|| —-||—/      />
 [][] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] /
~    ~~~~~~~~~~/~~
((If I have role-played with you on here, I'll always be at will to play. I will lead forward if your intention is to role-play with me because you have been lead here from another comment or a page. I may not have a designated serving account, so you can treat my page alike to such as well as my personal page. If I had R-P accounts then I'd actually make them responsible, actually post art submissions into them that is along with my scheme. The reasons why I don't handle a few that I want are many. Two of the main reasons are security and browsing. If I am not subbed on it that seems to be a danger platform. I haven't conquered that obstacle yet.))

Skype~lollirotfest * AIM~lollirotfest * Yahoo~lollirotfest * Pesterchum~chromaticAnnihilation & vacillatingReflections *

Hi I'm Zima (or Z for short, but not that short!), good to meet you. I'm twenty-six years, usually assumed younger or older. I live in northeast region America, in a state of it's own states. I am a half-half Swiss and Polish, though I have disorganized biological family and adoptive family. I'm very proud of my Swiss and have had it shoved in my ass most of my life. Since it is so important nowadays, my pronouns are either their/them or he but I prefer to be referred to as my name if you can. It isn't that hard. ^^ ; I'm more of a binary subvert and yes, I am intersexed. Has the curiosity been satisfied yet?

I have a very avid bond to Homestuck, emotionally overwhelming I am no part of the recent pack from the new 4chan twin to the internet that's gotten raveled in Homestuck, and to be honest ,I don't see how these rabid 'fans' are patient enough or intelligent enough to comprehend it. I guess I'll tolerate mass fandom and hope the best conditions. It's a fucking fun and bizarre story of time and dimension fuckery, and it overflows the devout with sentiment and inspiration. We fans art it, role-play it and relate it because we have to so much to figure it out, or many of us could be lead to an insanity episode of bewilderment. I would. I'm the most touched by a character I relate to a whole lot and so, I'll spend time pondering. This is a grounding mechanism.

I welcome meeting other fans of all arrays in my fandom. I welcome meeting those that aren't fans as well, hey, I'm aware of how much dedication it takes and to indulge in this type of story would be a burdensom. I'm aware that you non-fans and we civil fans are both alike annoyed, abashed and immensely upset by the rambunctious behavior of slect village idiots that associate with Homestuck, due to internet memes it's gotten, the lulzcows and cult following at a certain social network dumpsite. Which fan-base, interest or hobby doesn't have such imbeciles and assholes? Riddle me that, or don't bother to treat somebody roughly differently simply because they have an interest or hobby the enjoy which you don't.

You will find me making my mark on the community in bits and pieces here rather than tend to whats in my account files much. I art mainly because I want to preserve memories and it means much close to me to keep my art.

I do not aspire whatsoever to become popular, well-loved, secretly-admired, famous or white knighted. I've no need for so and I find it insipid and dishonorable.

I won't be a figure of devART because I am no fake character, I do not support elitism. I do not support uniting among a bunch of internet alter egos for commander battlebatshit. I do not lick, suck, kiss and pat ass, and I don't share any interest with the individuals here who do this.
I know where I'm not welcome to be, or to argue or even speak and that is OK by me, I don't have to me. I can recognize when to remove myself from a situation or to forget about joining one. I know when to shut up. I know when to take-back and clam down if I am feeling volatile or unsettled.
I don't think it's walking around on seashells for other people just because I am generally respectful and well reserved. I don't shove my opinions on others. I don't make assumptions on others based on the majority, but not minorities either. I avoid strife when it is not worth.
I honor self control... self control, relativity, courtesy, kindness, constructive motivation.

Most of my time's free online because I'm not able to work professional jobs and only the odd and important big task in little time job but I share skill socially and make effort in society without letting disabilities of what I can't do bring me down. Some of us have to work around what we've been handed, some of us work better together with others, complimenting one another, even lightly and I don't feel hopeless or helpless in any way and I have a positive outlook most of the time. There are those that aren't so fortunate, I feel ya!

Some other things that I like to do: reading, video games(old vs new), trading card games (MTG, Pokemon, Yugiou, Killer Bunnies, Overpower), cooking for people, designing clothes, RP(DAmn chat, skype, MSPARP, phone...anywhere), LARP and cosplay, torturing friends with dressing them up and walking them on a leash, pwning failtrolls, newfaggots & spamtrolls (basically people who think webplaces like DA, LJ, SPS, Pixiv are like 4chan or twin-chan), drinking coffee for 5 hours and planning world domination(with enough coffee, of course, this is possible)

Some good/positive things about myself: I use my wise mind, I forever want to learn and research, I have premonitions, deep, colorful, spiritually balanced, empathetic(it goes under bad too, for it's vicious side), I admit when I am unknowing or could be mistaken, I don't use other people for only my benefits, I hate lying... it's not worth a damn thing, I recognize people apart from behaviors, I do not discriminate even if I don't believe something is equal or worth up, I call stupidity, I know what good fucking coffee is.
Some negative things about myself: doesn't promptly recognize emotion, overwhelms and panics often, distant, privy, narcissistic but not brave about it and I'm not elitist, my nerves are too sensitive, empathetic(in the way that it harms ME), vague, hate some people/things relentlessly, my health is not good and never has been so, has awful short-term memory and have time lost.


I am distant and dissociative with myself, and I have difficulty to describe myself but I will try. I have to do it from an outer view of the world.
I also have a lot of difficulty communicating or expressing myself clearly in words, and if what I have inside my head to say doesn't come out right away then it will become jumbled or I will forget it. This is extremely prevalent, even here; I do admit so myself, very much. What I usually do is to write how I would speak it, but I don't speak well. So I rely on senses and pictures to help do that.
I really like making friends and talking, writing work, story telling, commenting on work, helping on DA, role-playing and more but I might have to do it creatively. If anyone doesn't understand something I have to say, ask, I'll try to say it differently.
This tends to lead someone to the assumption that either I might not know English so well or I am mute. And I do know English and I'm not mute but, there have been several episodes I have had where I barely can speak anything. It's brain trauma and there's little I can do but proofread what I type a few times if it's important for me to make it my best.

I could rant on in a rage mode too, but I'll save it.

Now let me speak! Do we understand each other?

Ahh now Let's talk about art right?
I like dollz A LOOOOOOOT and Paint Forum; two timely familiar artforms online and here on DA! I very proudly stride to be one to keep together the dollcommunity that has tumbled in troubles and share better memories. I have been making dollz since 2000 when they started to get really popular; they we're everywhere and rage so my mom threw me into getting started. I still make a lot of dollz similar to dollz the way they were crafted years ago on ancient bases and pixeled in styles old dollers can recall. I even have from the golden years (2001 - 2003) they're from places that are no longer hosted. It brings delight to me to indulge in those old styles, and look at old dollz and doll gifts I have from friends that made them too. As if, the drama never existed among us we will doll on. I don't have a doll site because it's not the safest idea in the world to own a secure website anymore. Hosts are not trustable and dependable. I would want my visitors to be as a safe on a site as I would and so, no. Not until I would find a host reliable. I would probably doll more if I had a website just for that, so I hope to get there. I'm trying to make at least 200 new in 2011 and so I am on the way of getting there.
I like free dolling, working on template blanks I make myself, and working in collab or with someone else template(base body) for doll. My favorite is to free-doll. I don't discriminate. But I don't enjoy making big things, large as in, many many pixels high and wide. I like like tiny because I admire tiny the most. So, I make small dolls. I can't work with all kinds of styles but I might like them. For example I like manga styles that are done legibly but I don't make art of those styles. I don't really care for realism but I respect artists hard earned skills to work at it and like it. I have tried to like it and I don't. I mostly like abstract/surreal, cartoon and toy styles. But I can't define in one since I'll use many.
I like other digital mediums and I use them: oekaki, manip, painting etc. But I mainly make dolls, share dolls, love dolls.

Hey, and if you don't know exactly what one is, feel free to ask me! I explain it about twice a week. I am used to it by now. Since... DA DOES NOT HELP YOU FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN. You will only discover stupidity. (and many events of the green apple splatters in paint, done so with feet) DA, you are clearly doing it WRONG

I try writing everyday, it's good for me to practice and I keep anything I do, drabbles and all to use as material. Even all kinds of embarrassing text role-playing that the other part doesn't know I have *wink wink* (Most of them here know, lol)

I do whatever I want with any of my own stuff and I keep a lot of it raw, confusing and/or messy on purpose and unedited for me. Later on as time affects me and different emotion afflicts me I bring it back and work on it and change it accordingly.
I don't share very much freely easily. I don't update THAT often but sometimes I'll dump a heap at one time without a warning.

I'm going to go ahead with doing my fling thing the greatest ways I know how to do it.

Now, you go look at the rest of my gallery. I can't explain much further. I might for any reason decide to take some of these things down or update them. I consider everything a work-in-progress of mine.


I like quite a lot.- Dolling. Live-Action Role-Play"Cos-Role-Play. Role-Play. Philosophy. Hallucinogens, Gothic Subcultures. Aristocrat & Lolita. Dandy. (Dark) Decora. Background Sniping. Linguistics. Sociology. Cultural Anthropology. Fandom Crack. ", Card Verse Games(like MTG). CreepyPasta. Dark Humor. Marine Animals. Plants. Cats. Being a smart-ass!, Points. Leaving Comments.

:iconfireplz:Things Which I Despise:iconfireplz: Capitalism. Fascism. Instututionalism. Radical Feminists.Social Justice Warriors. The 'Chan' speaking made-the-fuck-up fake Terrors. Disruption Brigades. Tumblr. Generalizations. Elitests. Cynics, Art Style/Medium Wars. Nearly impossible terrible submissions. Miscats in the DD Cat, PETA. The Ass Cancer of Butthurt. Spam. God-Modding.Slaves of Canon and 'Word of the God'. OOC roleplay for ship fodder. Obnoxiously loud, wreckless or obscene people who, if life depended on it, how to compose themselves appropriately. Manga Over Kill. Tryhards and Newfags.Competitions


Other interests below and behold! !n the other deviant box and anything else just ask, damnit; talk to me! I can appreciate conversation about *mostly* anything... :paranoid:


My handles on variety of online hangouts ! (Incase you see any of my things, pictures and characters floating around) Just so you know! I do not use every one on a regular basis

MSPARP Forums ~ aurificAbberant & I flounder about on the roulette from the most minors to Kankri, Vriska, the Megido Family members, Rose, Mituna, Rufioh and countless others. You will very rarely expect to meet me as Eridan on the roulettes! Do not depend on that. On the Look-Out - 13 NaNoEmo #10 by Mirz123
IScribble ~ magnifishit
DSi/Pokemon/Flipnote Studio & Hatena ~ Ask me
Cheezeburger Network ~ lollirot (ex: KYM - magnifishit)
SPS ~ lollirot


I do not have Tumblr, Myspace or Facebook, not only current, but I will never get them. Their mere existence gives me horrible explosive diarrhea.
I am around: VampireFreaks, FurAffinity, Live Journal, YT, Bulbagarden but I don't have an active account in the present, I had in the past.
I am not on Pixel !GLAM but I am on Pixel Empire, lollirot of course. If you see a lollirot on a dolling community then it's probably me, but look for lollirot(fest) if you aren't sure of it.
I am not a member of MSPA forum, as I would be their snarky horrorterror if I were.
I am a member of South Park Studio forum and the regulars there are top notch!
Not every lollirot on the web is me.

Thank you very much! now this is still WIP long time, so see ya around.

Fuck yea. The greatest thing on no legs since Breadfish da da da the incredible breadfish!

Favourite genre of music: Gothabilly, Gothic, Darkwave, Ethereal, Industriell, Psychedelic
Favourite style of art: Surrealism, Neo-Gothic Surrealism, Fashion Designing, Music, Dollz, Pixels, Dark Manip, Psychedelic, Poetic Fictions, Visual Poetry, Masonry, Misc Cosmetology, Watercolors, Chalk

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